Clock out from the Grindand Clock into the BreakRoom

Monterey County first home for Destruction Therapy

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We Come To You!

Take a break without leaving your home with our Mobile Parties!

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Feel stressed out with no outlet?

The Break Room is here as a constructive way to work through that stress in a physical and enjoyable way.

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The Break Room is opening in early 2021!

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Let Us Break It Down for You

1) Easily Book Online (Coming in 2021)

2) Sign the Waiver

3) Grab your safety gear

4) Come Break stuff!

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    Wednesday: 5pm-10pm
    Thursday: 5pm-10pm
    Friday: 4pm-11pm
    Saturday: 11am-11pm
    Sunday: 11am-9pm

    Appointments preferred. Some walk-ins available.
    Hours are subject to change.

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    Life can be tough. 

    Bills, jerk bosses, crazy exes, kids that won't listen... Sometimes there can seem like there’s no end to the madness and the stress just piles on to the point you just want to scream. 
    We’re here for you...

    Having a bad day? Clock into The Break Room

    Boss driving you crazy? Clock into The Break Room

    Going through a breakup? Clock into The Break Room

    Just need some time to yourself? Clock into The Break Room

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